Students - Report Behavior Concerns

Caring about Students Success





Southwestern Community College cares about each student's emotional and physical well-being, as well as their academic success.  For these reasons, the college embraces a Student Success philosophy and has created a Student Concerns Portal. 

If you have a concern about someone’s behavior or safety that affects the SCC community, please complete and submit the SCC Student Concerns form by clicking on the Student Concerns Portal button to the left.

The SAT will review all information and take appropriate action.

SCC has established a student assessment, response and evaluation team, the Student Assessment Team (SAT), committed to a proactive approach to helping our students succeed while maintaining a safe community.  The SAT goal is to provide a systematic response to students whose behavior is disruptive to themselves, to others or to the college community.  

If the situation warrants an immediate emergency response, please call 911. 

The Portal complies with FERPA standards and the SCC Confidentiality of Student Records policy.

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